OHCC Rules and Regulations


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    Elected Board of Governors at Oak Hills Country Club is charged by the Bylaws with maintaining the property and the affairs of the Club; therefore, certain rules and regulations are hereby adopted to carry out this duty.

    Membership in Oak Hills Country Club involves a willing obligation to observe its rules.  It is the duty of the Members to know the content of the Bylaws and House Rules, to inform their family Members and guests as to the rules, and to actively cooperate with the Officers, Board of Governors, General Manager and Club Staff in the enforcement of the rules.

    1. The business Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  All matters pertaining to billing should be handled during these times, either in person or by phone.
    2. The Club is open Tuesday through Sunday each week.  When the Club is required to be open on a Monday holiday, the Club will then be closed on the following Tuesday, except as holidays noted in the Golf Rules and Regulations, General, Item 2. The hours of operation of the various areas of the Club will be posted and updated from time to time by the General Manager.
    3. Each Member has an identification number.  It should be used along with the Member’s signature for all purchases.  Family members signing for a Member should also use this number.  A Member may not authorize a non-member to sign his or her name for purchases made at the Club.  In addition, all guests must be accompanied by the Member to the premises of Oak Hills Country Club.  A guest accompanied to the swimming pool facilities by the Member may leave their guest at the swimming pool at their option, but must remain on the property (golf course, tennis courts, etc.) while their guest remains on Club property.  There will be no exceptions allowed for family members living outside of the household or business associates of Members unless prearranged with the General Manager or Membership Director.
    4. No food or beverage may be consumed on the Club premises unless purchased from the Club.
    5. Liquor law violations are prohibited on the premises.  No beer or wine is to be sold to minors.  Members may not purchase alcoholic drinks for the staff.
    6. Other than the medical assists, no dogs or pets are to be allowed on the premises, including the golf course.
    7. Employees are paid a fair wage for the duties that they perform; therefore, tipping is not necessary at Oak Hills Country Club.
    8. Members are encouraged to entertain guests at Oak Hills.  The Member is ultimately responsible for the guest fees and/or debts incurred by their guests.
    9. Frequenting the Club by a non-member is allowed only twice a month in any one area and is subject to limitation and /or regulation at the discretion of the General Manager or Membership Director. This rule applies to the tennis area, the fitness area, the swimming pool, the card room or 19th hole card participation and all dining facilities.
    10. Employees are not permitted to leave their work to render service to Members of the Club, off the Club premises during working hours.
    11. Members should refrain from reprimanding employees.  Any complaints should be directed to the Club Manager or the House Committee either verbally or in writing.
    12. No solicitation of any kind shall be made on Club premises without permission and approval of the Board of Governors.
    13. Use of cell phones in the Oak Room is prohibited.  Cell phones should be turned off or placed on vibrate mode prior to entering the Oak Room.  If a call is received while in the Oak Room (on vibrate mode,) the Member is asked to step outside to take the call out of courtesy to others.  Members are responsible for notifying their guests of this policy.
    14. Smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse except in the following few designated areas:
      • 19th Hole – Smoking is allowed on the upper level including cigars and pipes; No smoking of any kind will be permitted on the lower level.
      • Mixed Grill – No Smoking permitted in any area.
      • Oak Room- No smoking permitted in any area.
      • Living Room – No smoking permitted in any area.
      • Ladies Card Room – Check with your server for the designated areas set aside for cigarette smokers.

      The smoking rules at private affairs are determined by the host.

    15. Coed functions will be allowed in the 19th Hole for adults, with Club management given the discretion as to the definition of “special events.”  The Club’s special event will be recommended by the General Manager to the House Committee for approval via approved methods of communication as stated in the By-Laws. No outside catering events will be considered a Club Special Event.
    16. Parking:
      • Handicapped parking areas have both a decal in the space and a handicapped sign facing the vehicle.  Any vehicle parked in these spaces requires a handicapped permit in or on the vehicle. 
      • Fire Lane Parking:  Parking along a red Fire Lane curb is prohibited.
    17. The accounting office should be notified promptly of any change in your mailing address, telephone number, or email address.
    18. Age limits and Dress Code – Each Member is obliged to conform to a dress code and enforce the age limits so all can be assured a dignified atmosphere to entertain ourselves, families, and guests.

      In general, tank tops and halters, short shorts and cutoffs are not allowed on the grounds or in the Clubhouse.  Sleeveless shirts and workout shorts should be confined to the Fitness Room and locker rooms.  Tee shirts should be confined to the tennis courts, fitness room and lockers.  Swimwear, cover-ups and bare feet should be confined to the Pool area.

      1. Oak Room – The Oak Room is considered a fine dining area.  Dressy casual attire is acceptable.  A coat and tie is not required.  Dressy casual is defined as slacks and a nice shirt.  Blue jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, and un-tucked shirttails are not allowed in the Oak Room.
      2. Mixed Grill – Casual Golf or Tennis Sports attire is appropriate.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent.  Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent after 7:00 p.m.
      3. Men’s 19th Hole and Ladies Card Room – Casual Golf or Tennis sports attire is appropriate.  Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.  No children are allowed under the age of 16.
      4. Fitness Center – See Fitness Center Rules and Regulations.
      5. Swimming Pool – Appropriate bathing suits are required.  Babies are required to wear protective pants (diapers) at all times and use the wading pool.  See Pool, Playground, Water Slide Rules and Regulations.
      6. Tennis Courts – See Tennis Rules and Regulations.
      7. Golf Course – See the Golf Shop Rules and Regulations.
    19. Associate Membership Rules and Regulations
      1. Associate Golf Membership follows the dues and fee structure of a standard Stockholding Membership at Oak Hills.  This category of Membership grants full access to all facilities but carries the following restrictions.
        • No equity.
        • No voting privilege.
        • Non-transferable.
        • Cannot hold office or serve on committees.
        • Not applicable with any other Membership offers (Executive Select, etc.)
        • All normal background, credit checks and approvals related with the standard ballot procedures apply.
        • All assessments and fees associated with Stockholding Membership shall also apply.
        • Available only to new Memberships.
        • This plan carries an “Application Fee”, in lieu of an initiation fee, which does not allow for a payment plan option.  The full application fee is due upon submittal of application.
        • Associate Golf categories will be designated by a 9000 series number and Junior Associate Golf categories will start with 4000.
        • Available only to new Memberships.
        • This category of Membership exists at the pleasure of the Board of Governors and can be amended or deleted at any time by the Board of Governors as allowed in the By-Laws.
        • Any such Associate Membership application must be a derivative of a Membership currently in good standing at Oak Hills Country Club.
        • To upgrade in the future, candidate will be allowed credit for the application fee to be applied to the posted initiation fee of the elected category of Membership selected at that time.
        • The application fee can only be used to upgrade the Membership and for no other purpose.
      2. Junior Golf Associate Membership shall follow the dues, assessment, and general fee structure applicable to that of the Junior Executive category.  This category is subject to the following restriction.
        • All Associate Membership rules apply.
        • Will require said candidate to convert to an Associate Membership upon turning age 40.  This conversion will require $1,000.00 transfer fee to achieve that status.
        • May upgrade to any category of Membership and apply the previously paid application fee at that time.
    20. Members are encouraged to report any violations of the rules or inappropriate conduct to the General Manager or the Board of Governors.
    21. If the account of a Member has become delinquent (unpaid by the last day of the current month), the Club may impose a 5% late fee on the outstanding balance of said account in addition to the 1½% interest charge provided for in the By-Laws.  This is effective February 1, 2005.
    22. Once a Member has been posted, all accounts receivable on said Member’s account which are 31 days forward must be paid in order for the Member to be taken off the posted board and to regain his/her full privileges for their category of Membership.
    23. Before a Member resigns (whether Stockholder or Non-Stockholder) the Member must put in writing his/her intentions to resign and must be current on all account balances of his/her account.  Any remaining balance on the account of a Non-Stockholder must be paid within 30 days of resignation or the resigned Member will continue to be charged monthly dues and fees until such time as the account is paid in full.  Any balance remaining on the account of a Stockholder at the end of the six month dues period must be paid within 30 days of the end of the six month period, or the resigned Member will continue to be charged monthly dues and fees until such time as the account is paid in full.
    24. No Member who has been expelled from the Club shall be permitted to use any of the Club’s facilities.  Further, no expelled Member may be brought or invited to the Club as a guest of a Member.


    It is the intent in setting the rules governing the use of the Fitness Center to ensure the maximum enjoyment and safety of all users.  The complete cooperation of all who use the Fitness Center is expected.  All users are expected to follow proper etiquette and comply with the following rules.  Modifications may be made from time-to-time as determined by the Board of Governors, House Committee or General Manger.

    Tuesday – Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    1. Oak Hills Country Club recommends that you consult a physician before starting an exercise program.
    2. The Fitness Center will be available only to Members and their guests (one guest per Member at any given time.)
    3. The guest’s fee is $5.00 and Members shall accompany guest and sign guest ticket.  Guests may not use the Fitness Center more than twice a month.
    4. Members and their guest must sign in before using the facility before each visit.
    5. Proper attire and athletic type shoes are to be worn.  Workout attire is recommended.  Wet shorts, bathing suits, cutoffs and bare feet are not acceptable.  Workout attire must be worn in good taste and cannot be ripped-up or cut up.
    6. Horseplay and use of profanity are unacceptable.
    7. Smoking, pets and children are not permitted.  Children under 14 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
    8. There is a limit of 30 minutes on cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting.
    9. Please place towels in receptacles before leaving.
    10. Oak Hills is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    11. Permanent lockers are available for rent. 
    12. Please be courteous to fellow Members, especially when “sharing” certain equipment.
    13. No food or open drinks are permitted; however, water bottles are permitted.
    14. Please do not drop weights on the carpeting.
    15. Do not set dumbbells on benches or lean weights against walls.
    16. Return all free-weights, dumbbells and bars back to racks, and mats to their original places.


    The Green Committee will oversee golf activities, the grounds and the driving range at Oak Hills.  The Green Committee will be in charge of all tournament operations, handicapping, golf operation procedures, all areas pertaining to the playing of the golf course and enforcement of rules that apply to playing golf at Oak Hills Country Club.

    It is the intent of these Golf Rules to ensure the maximum enjoyment and safety of all golfers at Oak Hills.  All Members are encouraged to become familiar with these rules and while having consideration for fellow Members, help the Green Committee in the enforcement of golf rules.  It is hoped that the pride Members and staff take in Oak Hills will help in the attractiveness of our Club.


    1. Rules of the United States Golf Association along with any local rules set by the Green Committee, or the Director of Golf will be in effect for all play.  Local rules will be published periodically by the Director of Golf and will be available in the Golf Shop or on the scorecard.
    2. The golf course will be open for play at 7:30 AM, Tuesday through Sunday.  The golf course will be closed on Monday, except for Memorial Day, Labor Day and Presidents’ Day.  A Sunday holiday, as observed by the banks and courts, will be honored on Monday.  The Club and course will be open on these days and closed Tuesday.

      During the summer months, the Golf Course Superintendent may allow the course to open at an earlier time.  The exact time will be published monthly in the Club newsletter and will be posted on the Bulletin Board outside of the Golf Shop.

    3. On the days when the course is closed, all golf facilities, including the practice range and putting green, are closed.
    4. No jogging, walking or bicycle riding on the golf course is permitted when the course is open for play.


    1. All Members, the Head Golf Professional, the Assistant Professionals, the Golf Course Superintendent and his staff are responsible for reporting any violations of the golf course rules to the Director of Golf.  The Director of Golf shall relay the report to the Green Committee for appropriate action.
    2. Each Member is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests, and if a guest violates the golf rules, the Member shall be held fully accountable.
    3. Each Member is responsible for the turning in of an accurate score following each eighteen hole round.  The Green Committee shall be responsible for the establishment of handicap procedures.  Any player who wishes to participate in any club event must have an established handicap.

      The committee at its sole discretion may determine the handicaps of participants for club sponsored events based on facts presented to the committee.

      Any player failing to return a completed scorecard after play may have a score equal to his/her lowest score of the last twenty posted to their handicap.  All tournament scores will be posted by the Golf Shop.

    Starting Times

    1. Regulations of play and starting times shall be the responsibility of the Green Committee, the Director of Golf and the Golf Course Superintendent.
    2. Reservations for starting times shall be made by contacting the Golf Shop by phone.  Times for Saturday play will be taken the preceding Wednesday at 7:30 AM.  Times for Sunday play will be taken the preceding Thursday at 7:30 AM.  Reservations for weekday times will be taken the preceding Friday at 7:30 AM.  If a holiday falls on a Monday, times may be made the preceding Friday at 7:30 AM.
    3. Each person phoning for a tee time will be allowed to make one time for any one day and the names of at least two other players should be given at that time for restricted periods of play.
    4. All players must be registered in the Golf Shop before play.  Any group failing to take its proper place on number one tee will be moved back as directed by the golf staff or starter.
    5. Beginning play on a hole other than number one is prohibited.  The professional staff or starter may allow play on a hole other than number one if conditions warrant such action and does not unduly inconvenience other players.
    6. Individuals who do not have a game may call or come to the Golf Shop in order for the professional staff or starter to find them a game.  Oak Hills encourages players without games to follow this procedure and the staff will do everything possible to find a player a game, while giving consideration to the wishes of players with the tee times.
    7. Discretion is vested in the Director of Golf or starter to accommodate groups of Members who have failed to get a starting time.  The Director of Golf or starter will only be allowed such discretion when there is a place for such a group and Members who have starting times are not unduly inconvenienced.
    8. Pace of Play – All players are encouraged to play an eighteen hole round in not less than a three and one-half hour pace and not more than a four hour pace.  If a group falls out of position (one hole or more behind the group in front and over a four hour pace), the slow group must invite the group behind to play through.  When play is delayed by a lost ball, the group playing behind shall be invited to play through when such action would speed up play of the field.

    Play Restrictions and Pairings

    1. Threesomes and foursomes are permitted on the course at all times when the course is open for play.

      Less than threesomes are discouraged from play on the 1st tee from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM weekdays and before 12:00 PM on Saturdays and holidays.

      Five-somes and six-somes who play within the “pace of play” guidelines are permitted on the 1st tee on weekdays and after 12:30 PM on Saturdays.  Effective December 1, 2007, the play of “multi-somes” is also allowed on Sundays after 12:30 p.m. at the discretion of the Director of Golf and the Golf Professionals.

    2. Twosomes have no priority over larger pairings.
    3. As a joint agreement between OHCC men and the OHWGA, it is recommended that Wednesday before 11:30 AM, September – May and before 9:30 AM, June – August be assigned to adult women and that Saturdays before 12:00 PM be assigned to adult men.
    4. Unescorted juniors under the age of 16 with an “approved players card” may play on the 1st tee before 11:00 AM and after 2:00 PM on weekdays.  (Except Wednesday when they may play only after 2:00 PM).  They may play after 2:00 PM on weekends and holidays.

      Escorted juniors may play anytime except Saturday before 12:00 PM.

      The Director of Golf may modify junior play restrictions for a junior whose handicap falls below a 15.

    5. The Director of Golf, within policy approved by the Green Committee, shall have complete authority to waive any play restrictions if playing conditions warrant such action.
    6. A Member can bring three (3) guests at any time including Saturday and Sunday mornings as long as they fulfill guest requirements.
    7. Members or juniors (under the age of 16) may invite a junior guest (under the age of 16) to play the course.  Such groups must play within the time restrictions set up for juniors under play restrictions.

    Classifications of Guests and Restrictions on Play

    1. IN-TOWN GUEST – An in-town guest is a guest who has been personally invited to play golf by a Member, and who resides in Bexar County or any county bordering Bexar County.  The in-town guest must be accompanied by the Member.  An in-town guest may play one time during any calendar month. 
    2. OUT OF TOWN GUESTS – An out of town guest is a guest who has been personally invited to play golf by a Member, and who resides outside Bexar County or any county that borders Bexar County.  The out of town guest must be accompanied by the Member.  An out of town guest may play a maximum of two times in any calendar month.
    3. IMMEDIATE FAMILY GUESTS – An immediate family guest will include father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister or in-laws of such.  (Refer to Article IX, Section 5 of the OHCC By-Laws for a complete explanation of family privileges.) An in-town immediate family Member may play one time per calendar month.  An out of town immediate family Member may play a maximum of one week per three month period and may play without the Member with an approved guest card. 
    4. RECIPROCAL GUEST – A reciprocating guest is a guest who is a Member of another USGA affiliate country club and who’s professional has called for them to have the privilege of playing Oak Hills.  Such a guest may play a maximum of one time during any one quarter of the calendar year.  A reciprocating guest may play without a Member at the Director of Golf’s discretion.  Such guests will be limited to a maximum of two groups on any day and at non-peak hours as determined by the Director of Golf.

      A guest, sponsored by a Member but not playing with the Member will be considered a reciprocating guest.

      Course Closing

      The golf course, the practice tee or the putting green may be temporarily closed when in the opinion of the Green Committee or Golf Course Superintendent, the course is too wet or when playing conditions would adversely affect the golf course.

      During these times, absolutely no play or practice is allowed.


      1. All practice shall be confined to the practice tee, practice green and putting green.
      2. Players should refrain from engaging in any practice on the course that would damage the course or disrupt play.

      Attire and Equipment

      1. Proper golf attire must be worn on the golf course and practice areas.  Non-golfing attire such as swimwear, medical scrubs, t-shirts, tennis or short shorts and non-tailored collars are not considered appropriate golf attire.  Denim jeans are allowed on the golf course and all practice areas during the months of December through February only.
      2. Only regulation golf shoes or flat soled tennis shoes are permitted to be worn on the golf course.  Oak Hills requests the use of “soft spike” type soles or an industry equivalent.  Metal spikes with a length of 6mm or less are allowed for Members only but not recommended.

        Juniors 16 years or under may wear flat soled tennis shoes.

      3. Each player must have his/her own golf equipment and no more than one player is permitted to play from one bag.

      Golf Cart Procedures

      1. A Member leasing a golf cart shall sign a charge form in the Golf Shop prior to play.   The Member is responsible and liable for any damage done to the cart by himself, any guest or any family Member.
      2. Golf carts, club or private, must be driven by a person 16 years of age or older and who holds a valid drivers license.
      3. No more than two passengers are allowed per cart and no one is permitted to ride on any other part of the cart.  All requirements of the golf cart manufacturer posted on the cart must be followed.
      4. Carts should return to the cart paths at least 30 yards before reaching any green.  Carts should always be kept on the paths provided around all tees and greens.  Signs may direct carts to remain on the paths on a Par 3 hole.

        Signs or ropes may also direct cart flow. Drivers should always avoid worn areas, ground under repair or bare ground.

      5. Under normal conditions, carts should be driven from paths to the fairway and remain in the fairway until returning to the cart path prior to the green in order to help worn areas from the paths to the fairway.
      6. The Green Committee or Golf Course Superintendent may determine that the course is too wet for cart traffic on the course.  During these periods, carts must remain on the paths at all times.  To designate these periods, signs will be posted “Carts on Paths” at the beginning of each nine.
      7. Club owned push carts are available to rent only. No other push or pull carts are allowed on the golf course.

      Privately Owned Golf Carts

      1. OHCC will allow its members who live in the neighborhoods contiguous to OHCC property to use their private golf carts on the golf course.  All privately owned golf carts on the golf course must be owned by an Oak Hills Member and be driven on property legally. Carts may not be brought on by trailer.  All such private carts must meet the following specifications:
        1. Manufactured by EZ-Go, Club Car or Yamaha. 
        2. Electric.
        3. Solid in color.
        4. Seat no more than two (2) players.
        5. Hold no more than two (2) golf bags.
        6. Equipped with acceptable turf tires similar in tread design to the tires on OHCC’s fleet of leased/owned golf carts.
        7. Must not be accessorized or altered in such a way to materially change the external appearance of the cart.
      2. All privately owned golf carts that have been registered with Oak Hills on or before September 1, 2012 are considered to be in compliance and grand-fathered with regard to any changes resulting from this policy.  It will be the private cart owner’s responsibility to properly maintain the cart in a safe, operating condition.
      3. The Green Committee shall be the sole judge of a private cart’s acceptability. If a cart is determined by The Green Committee not to be acceptable, it will then be addressed by the Golf Professional and such Member will be asked to make the necessary changes to bring the cart into compliance.
      4. Any Member or guest riding in a privately owned cart must pay the same cart fee as is charged for the use of the Club’s carts.  He or she, too, must follow the same rules and regulations applicable to the carts provided by the Club, which includes registering with the Golf Pro Shop before beginning play.

      Golf Course Care

      1. Any divots made in the fairway or rough should be smoothly filled with sand provided on the carts.  Sides of any divots should be “kicked in” slightly before filling in order to help the divot recover in a more rapid fashion.
      2. Your ball mark or any other found on a green shall be repaired in the proper manner.  Please consult the Golf professional staff on the proper way to fix a ball mark.
      3. All sand bunkers shall be carefully repaired by the player or his/her caddie after use.  Rakes shall be placed in the bunkers with the handle slightly remaining out of the bunker.
      4. Golf bags should not be placed on any green.
      5. In muddy or wet conditions, please take care to clean shoes of soil or mud before walking onto any green area.
      6. Players should pick up any tees that are on the teeing ground in order to prevent damage to mowers.
      7. In taking practice swings, players should avoid taking divots which would cause damage to the course.
      8. All Members are encouraged to use proper containers for cups, cans, bottles or other refuse.  To maintain our beautiful course, please pick up any articles not belonging on the course. YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED!

      Courtesy on the Golf Course

      1. Safety – Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball, or any flying object due to the stroke or swing.
      2. Stopping after nine holes – Players finishing nine holes of play must continue without undue delay.  A group which delays play through nine holes will forfeit their position on the golf course, and must only begin play as directed by the golf staff or starter.
      3. Do not stand close to, move or talk when a player is about to hit.  Do not stand in the line of another player or close to the hole as another player is about to hit.
      4. Go immediately to your ball.  Make your club selection, and be prepared to hit when it is your turn.
      5. When the play of a hole is completed, players should immediately leave the putting surface.  Scores should be recorded after reaching the next tee.
      6. In the interest of all, players should play without delay.  An 18-hole round should be played in no more than a 4-hour pace.  If a group falls more than one hole behind, they should allow a faster following group to play through.
      7. Players searching for a lost ball should allow the following group to play through if such action would speed up play for the entire field.
      8. Please be considerate of other groups on the course.  Do not shout or use conduct that will affect the game of other players on the course.

      Deliberate Damage to Course

      Any deliberate damage to any part of the course regardless of the motivation shall be subject to appropriate action as determined by the Board of Governors.

      Golf Rule Violations

      1. All Members, the Head Golf Professional and Golf Professional Staff, and the Golf Course Maintenance staff are responsible for reporting violations of golf rules to the Director of Golf.  Repeated violations of the golf rules by a Member may be considered by the Green Committee.
      2. The Board of Governors, with sufficient cause, may take any action they feel appropriate in order to uphold the golf rules and regulations.


      1. Swimming Pool, Teen Room and Snack Bar hours are 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.
      2. All Members and/or guests must sign in before entering the swimming pool.  Towel(s) are to be signed out and if they are not returned to the desk, a $5.00 fee will be charged against their Member account.
      3. A charge of $5.00 will be paid for guests swimming Tuesday through Sunday.  All guests must be accompanied by a Member.
      4. The swimming pool will be open daily except for Monday at the discretion of the Pool Committee and Manager during the months of May through September.  During the summer months (June-August), it will remain open during prescribed hours set by the Pool Committee and the Manager unless weather conditions warrant its closure.
      5. Private lessons will be given at the request of Members and the proper sign-up procedure with the pool staff.
      6. Children ten (10) and under MUST be under the supervision of a parent at all times.  They should not be left unattended at the Toddler Pool, at the Main Pool or at the Playground.
      7. No glass of any kind will be allowed in the pool or playground area.  Plastic or Styrofoam is allowed.  No food or beverages from outside are allowed.  All food and beverage items must be purchased from the Club.
      8. No pushing, shoving or throwing swimmers into pool.
      9. No running allowed.
      10. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.  Diving from the side of the diving board or double bouncing is prohibited.
      11. Observe swimmers around the diving board area before you dive in the water.
      12. There will be no diving from the deck into the shallow end of the pool.
      13. Persons with open wounds, skin disorders, or infection will not be permitted in the pool.
      14. Persons in swimsuits are not permitted into the Main Clubhouse.
      15. No food, gum, or tobacco will be allowed in the pool area.
      16. The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
      17. No flotation objects allowed in the pool when over-crowded.
      18. No pets will be allowed in the pool or playground area. 
      19. Water slide will not be turned on unless a guard is present.
      20. When a sign is posted or there is no lifeguard on duty, the pool is officially closed to all.
      21. Play equipment in Teen Room is for Members’ enjoyment.  All equipment will be checked out and returned to the desk area.  Broken equipment will be charged to the Member who signed out the equipment.
      22. Grandparent Privileges

        Grandchildren under the age of 18 while accompanied by a grandparent will be able to swim free at the pool.  This requires that a grandparent must be present when the grandchildren are at the pool.  The parents of the grandchildren, if not a Member of the club would have to pay guest fees.

      23. The management’s rules and instructions MUST be followed at all times.
      24. Violations of rules and regulations can result in expulsion from the pool and other action as deemed appropriate by the Board of Governors.

      CAUTION!!!  This is a very intense participatory water thrill slide.  Failure to abide by all of the following rules may result in injury to you or to others.  Anyone not adhering to the rules may be removed from the slide or the pool.

      1. Riders must be in good physical condition and free from any physical limitation to participate.  Pregnant women or persons with or having a history of heart, back, neck or joint problems should not ride.
      2. The slide is not recommended for small children under four (4) years of age without an adult. 
      3. The slide is not recommended for weak swimmers.
      4. Obey lifeguards at all times.
      5. No running or jumping.
      6. Walk slowly and carefully up the stairs.
      7. Only ONE person may slide at a time.
      8. No horseplay of any kind will be permitted.
      9. DO NOT stand up on the slide at any time.
      10. No balls, toys, food or drink allowed on the slide or the deck.
      11. The previous rider must exit the landing area before the next rider slides down.
      12. The slide will not be operated unless a guard is present.


      These regulations are to be followed by all Members who use the Oak Hills Country Club Tennis Center.  Upon request, each Oak Hills Country Club Tennis Member will receive a current copy of these procedures. 

      For safety reasons and for usage data, registration is important.

      1. All Members, guests, and their children must register in the Tennis Shop before playing tennis.  Guests must be accompanied by a Member except when arrangements have been made with the pro shop by the Member and guest fees have been paid.
      2. Failure to register within 15 minutes after reservation time could result in loss of the reservation.
      3. Failure to register a guest will result in a $10.00 per guest charge to the Member.

      Guest Fees

      1. Guest fees will be $5.00 per person for adults and $3.00 for juniors for all surfaces.
      2. A guest who lives within a 50 mile radius of Oak Hills can play only twice in any calendar month.
      3. Unaccompanied guests may use the grass courts with permission; $25 per person per session.


      1. Court reservations are required at all times and can only be made by Members in good standing. 
      2. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance.
      3. If court demand is greater than available courts:  On weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., up to 90 minutes of court time can be reserved, and on weekdays after 6:00 p.m., weekends, and holidays, up to 60 minutes of court time can be reserved.
      4. Adult players having reservations will have precedence at all times.  If a junior is playing with an adult Member, the group is considered adult.
      5. Members reserving a court must specify other Members or guests playing.  Members of that group may not reserve back-to-back times, except after the completion of play.
      6. Members who persistently fail to appear to their reserved court time, could lose the privilege to reserve courts in advance for a set period of time.
      7. Completion of tournament or league matches will take precedence over all reservations.

      Wearing Apparel on Courts

      1. Appropriate attire for playing tennis must be worn at all times for both adults and juniors.
      2. Men must wear tennis shorts or warm-ups, and shirts (no tank tops).
      3. Women may wear tennis dresses or shorts/skirts, and shirts.
      4. Regulation shoes must be worn at all times on the courts.  No running shoes, or shoes that leave black marks on the courts are allowed.


      Food will not be permitted on the courts, unless approval has been granted.


      Proper etiquette should be maintained by all Members and guests. Please, pets, skateboards, scooters, roller blades or any other damaging devices are not allowed on the courts or on the patio in front of the pro shop. 

      Lessons and Special Clinics

      The professionals may reserve courts for their use. Any court scheduling conflicts will be addressed by the Tennis Committee.

      Merchandise Return Policy

      Oak Hills Country Club will exchange merchandise or issue a refund in the original form of payment for unwashed, unworn, and unused merchandise with the tags attached or for defective merchandise, within 30 days of original purchase with an original receipt or copy of your Club bill.

      All sales are final on equipment and clearance rack merchandise.

      Tennis Racquet Stringing Policy

      Please call the Director of Tennis or the Tennis Staff at 210-384-7704 to make arrangements if you need a racquet strung on the weekend or on short notice.  Allow a minimum of 24 hours from the time of racquet drop off for the stringing and/or repair to be completed.  Demo racquets are also available for your convenience at no charge.

      Inclement Weather Policy

      In times of inclement weather, please contact the Tennis Shop at 210-384-7704 for the status of clinics and lessons.


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